Recently I've been counting calories which I find helps me to not overeat on semi-primal foods but I keep finding myself choosing lower calorie options rather than healthy options. For example, I've been having a couple of cups of vegetable stock a day because each cup only has 4 calories (but the ingredients aren't that great) and I've also been having more coffee with 0% fat milk to fill me up but everyone here says that full-cream milk is better even though it has more calories. When I wasn't recording my food I was eating 3 eggs at a time and now I only eat 1 or 2 and also much less butter and coconut oil than I was eating before because I feel guilty if my calorie intake is over 500-700. I know it sounds stupid but I just want to lose weight really fast. Am I better off continuing to restrict calories or eat slightly higher fat which would end up being a bit more calories?