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Thread: Do You Think You Can Get Fat Eating Primally?

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    Do You Think You Can Get Fat Eating Primally?

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    It was a question I pondered last night whilst lead in bed sad but true.

    If you ate lots of nuts and drank milk by the gallon I think perhaps it would be possible to actually gain fat weight. What do you think?
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    Yes, most definitely. I'm almost back to my original pre-primal weight. My waist is 4" smaller, it's true, and I'm more than twice as strong, and it takes a real effort to overeat, but calories matter whether they are pizza or primal.
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    Yes. If you were eating 3000+ cals every days and didn't move your body (walking, running, weights, whatever), I'm assuming you would gain weight.

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    I'd say no, if you avoided starches, nuts and dairy.

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    Steak and salad is no less fattening than cake, ice cream, cookies, pizza and soda. You can get just as fat eating grassfed ribeye. The difference is it's really hard to eat 1,000 excess calories of steak and salad every day. They tend to be very filling and take a long time to digest. Anyone can eat and drink 1,000 excess calories of soda and ice cream. You could do that every day and still be starving - there's little to no satiety there.

    That's the difference. These calories count just as much as processed food calories. They're just a lot harder to overeat constantly since they take so much longer to digest. That's the advantage of whole foods - satiety - and it's the only reason why The Primal Blueprint works. There's no magic going on here.
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    You absolutely can gain tons of weight on primal, particulary if you doing a high-fat version, and your mechanism of satiation is not suitable for high fats (i.e. you are not one of the lucky people who eat a tablespoon of butter and 3 oz of steak and are good for 6 hours). Fat calories add up in a scary way for tiny-tiny amounts of food & problems eye-balling & precisely estimating fat content in meats, so you will be over-eating in no time and get very fat, very fast. You can easily have a 1000 cal meal that fits on a tiny plate with high fats. If, in addition, you are relatively efficient, and your body don't burn all that many calories through the normal amount a person can allocate to moving around a day (~ 1 to 2 hrs), AND you are the type who responds with heightened hunger in addition to intense exercise, you are simply doomed to gain weight on Primal if you are not tracking and counting to the smallest bit. Been there, done that.
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    Yup. Of course.

    I think that anyone with a slow metabolism can gain weight with any foods- you just have to watch things. Clearly on this board there are people who can eat a lot and will probably not gain. But lots of us just have to eat kind of a small amount of calories. When you can only eat 1500 of them a day, fat calories add up quickly if you are not careful. You know- handful of nuts and you just ate 1/3 of your calories for the day.

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    Absolutely I think you could, but it would be much, much harder than on SAD. Eventually, if you eat enough, your body will store the extra as fat. Primal is a diet for health (and can result in weight loss) but that does not mean that all primal foods are magical and can never be stored as fat, whatever the macronutrient composition.
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    Without a doubt!!!! The fastest weight gain I ever experienced was when I found primal last summer! I started gaining almost immediately once I added in coconut oil, duck fat, butter and avocado by the shit loads. I was 100% compliant with grass fed meats(LOTS) fats(LOTS MORE) and minimal veggies, almost 0 fruit, and little dairy. I went from my then lowest of 168lbs all the way back to 214lbs this spring before I finally threw in the towel and went back to what works for me. I am still grain, legume, bad oils and sugar free,but now I am down on the protein and fats again. As much as I love them they don't love me. I have lost quite a bit already and feel much better. It was a scary ride and I bought into every single protocol on this board in my effort to 'make' it work. The bottom line is that not everyones system is going to deal with this method and I feel like it's way harder for women. Just my 2 cents

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChocoTaco369 View Post
    Steak and salad is no less fattening than cake, ice cream, cookies, pizza and soda. You can get just as fat eating grassfed ribeye. The difference is it's really hard to eat 1,000 excess calories of steak and salad every day.
    This. Energy intake versus energy output is the ultimate factor...

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