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Thread: Contraceptive pill and body fat distribution

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    I thought that was the fold, not the fat. I think it's also just called ass fat!
    I read recently that sprinting, if anything, will shift it. Might have to get off my fat ass more often!

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    This is an old thread but I suspect the pill actually gave me a more womanly shape. I've been off it a couple of years bc I was diagnosed with hashis and wanted to min neg side affects. I have def gotten "thicker" without it. Almost more muscular. Of course this could be in part to my adrenal and thyroid probs (currently being treated and supposedly normal) I tested my hormones and they were low across the board (low testosterone low progesterone and low estrogen). I started bio iden hormone treatment but they put me on progesterone only ( similar I guess to someone being on depo provera a progesterine only pill) and I started to gain weight. I stopped and it dropped off. I'm going to try again but this time my doc is going to prescribe estrogen. This should be very similar to my old low hormone birth control except supposedly wo the long term side effects.

    I hope it works. I miss fitting into my clothes!

    I do think fake hormone bcp r somewhat dangerous. It interferes with your bodies ability to regulate its own hormones. As someone else mentioned it can mask symptons for things like pcos. However it does provide relief and our environment is filled these days with hormone disrupters...we have to even the playing field somehow

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