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    NEVER thought I'd be craving this......

    Primal Fuel
    I come from a heavily grain based diet... I recently switched over to eating Primal about a month ago. Usually I'd crave carbs. But for some reason, I'm craving fatty meat! It's just surprising to me, as I have never had this craving before. I would always eat lean meat such as chicken breast.

    I'm thinking about going out and buying a small cut of fatty meat for myself. Except, I really do not know what I'm doing here. I know nothing about steak or how to cook it. I tasted rib eye recently at a party and I fell in love with it. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure I can not afford it as of right now. What other fatty cuts of meat exist out there(besides for ground beef. I would prefer a steak type meat)? Is t-bone a more inexpensive, but equally fatty, cut of meat?

    Any input would be highly appreciated! Also, I don't have access to a grill Can you pan fry steak?

    I apologize for my utter ignorance Thank you

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    You can pan-fry steak. I like it in a cast iron skillet for a quick sear, then transferred to the oven for a bit to heat through, although the pinker you can handle it, the better.

    Once you take it out, put it on a cutting board or plate and don't cut into it for at least 5 minutes. Steak has to rest. It will continue to cook a bit during this time. If you slice it too early, you'll lose all the delicious juiciness.

    I don't believe T-bone is particularly inexpensive. Anything really cheap will be super tough anyway. Beg, steal, or borrow a couple bucks and get a nice piece of steak.

    I would suggest London Broil if you really have to find something cheap enough but not super tough/gross. I think this is basically the same bit of a beef animal that a lot of roasts come from. It's firm and requires chewing, but it's not gristly like cube steak (an even cheaper cut) would be.

    Otherwise, invest in a crock pot and you can make anything delicious and tender, like shin (shank) meat, roasts, etc...

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    Heart is the best.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Theresa92 View Post
    Any input would be highly appreciated! Also, I don't have access to a grill Can you pan fry steak?
    Is there another way?

    With steaks the goal is to cook the outside as much as possible while cooking the center as little as possible, or not at all. You want to get your pan as hot as possible. Use the thickest pan you have, ideally a cast iron skillet or grill pan, and get it to a high heat. Avoid non-stick pans as you will damage the coating by heating it to the required temperature. Toss the steak in and flip it every 15 seconds until it's cooked to the degree you want. If you like it rare, I would cook it straight from the fridge, or you could even put it in a ziplock bag and leave it in iced water to cool it even more - this enables you to get the outside more crispy and caramelised without over-cooking the inside. Otherwise, take it out early and let it get to room temperature before cooking. Don't worry about it sticking to the pan - just pour in a bit of water or wine to dissolve the bits stuck to the pan and reduce it and you'll have a great gravy. If you want to pepper it, do it after because the pepper will burn. As RichMahogany it's vital that you let it rest. I normally leave it on a warmed up plate.

    As for fatty meat cuts you could go for lamb or pork chops. Roast pork belly is also a great option - it's difficult to overcook it because there's so much fat in it to keep it moist

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    it's my favorite fatty meat.

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    I second brisket for slow cooking. You can also buy some suet and use it for cooking things in. I tend to use the resulting tallow for everything now - the suet cooks itself in its own ft in a pan, making tallow.
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    I love to pan cook my steak in butter.
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    I LOVE me a good Rib Eye! TBone and Porterhouse are good too, but Ribeye is my favorite. And as far as slow-cooked meats go, brisket is my go-to. I throw it in the crockpot with seasonings and a little bit of water for 6 hours or so on high. All that nummy fat just melts down into the moist and flavorful! YUM.

    As far as cooking steak, Kinnell and RichMahogany said it best. I will add this - to check the doneness of your steak without cutting into it (and therefore releasing all the juices and ending up with a piece of leather), poke it gently with your finger. The firmer it gets, the done-er (is that a word? LOL) it is. For medium-rare, you want it to give slightly, but not leave an indentation where you touched it. It takes some practice to get the hang of it, but it works.

    I second the pork belly. SO good. And I have become addicted to chicken thighs! I put a dry rub on them and fry them up in a little lard. All that crispy skin, and the fat melts down into the meat... *drool* Forget breasts. Breasts are overrated.

    Enjoy your meat!
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    Lamb shoulder, bone in. Pop on a tray and rub with salt and pepper, and shove in oven for a couple of hours. Forty minutes before the end, add some chopped vegetables to roast. You'll get lovely fatty meat and some extra fat running off. Lamb is in season right now, so it's the best time for it.

    Duck. Same treatment for a whole bird. If it comes with giblets, so much the better: fry them up!

    Goose. Ditto (though it'll take a little longer). You'll probably have to wait until the autumn for this, as geese are highly seasonal.

    Lamb shank. Pot-roast it for hours with a red wine sauce.

    Chicken, but it must be a happy one – they're much fatter. Shove a chopped lemon up its arse for extra flavour and moistness, and pour lemon juice over it about half an hour before the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meegads View Post
    Forget breasts. Breasts are overrated.
    Only true with regard to chicken.

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