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Thread: Fuds menu page

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    Fuds menu

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    I want the shitty chicken spanked with cinnamon-garlic dirt!

    Hilarious Parody Menus With Pretentious Sounding Offerings Handed Out at The Great GoogaMooga

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    I haven't laughed this loud in days. Neighbor must be worried.
    The remainder is an unjustifiable, egotistical power struggle
    At the expense of the American dream, American dream
    Of the American

    We don`t give a damn about your world
    With all your global profits
    And all your jeweled pearls
    We don`t give a damn about your world
    Right now, right now!

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    YOU GUYS! This is too much. I am one of the three creators of the menu and am also a paleo dieter who checks this website from time to time. WHEN WORLDS COLLIIIIIIDE! Thanks for posting!

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