question about tsh and t4 levels.. this is for a friend. 30 something year old female. active, clean paleo diet, gluten once a month, limited dairy. recently got bloodwork results and the doctor was concerned. her TSH was 5.550 and her T4 was 1.03. her doctor wanted to put her on synthroid, 25mcg. but she asked me first, because "I'm in to the natural stuff." i understand that iodine can be helpful (kelp, pink salt, etc) but that it can iodine can be a problem for people with hashimotos. (although some people beg to differ). i also understand that selenium plays a role in this proces. so the question is this: should she add some pink salt and kelp and maybe some brazil nuts to her diet and then get re-tested? is this even a concern because her T4 levels are within normal range. i really don't know too much about this stuff, so i told her i would ask online and see what i can dig up.