Okay, so I was thinking that sometimes I am forced to eat foods that are not made by my hands, locally made or strictly the best for me. We all have to eat.

So the question is, what have you done to stay Primal while eating out in a restaurant or food place? What have you decided to do rather than eat the CW foods piled on every menu?

While out for anniversary meals in NYC, I had many options and my DH was gracious to make sure that there were options for me.

What really made me think of this topic was I was out and about and needed something to eat and I went to the grocery store... but I thought, "what if I didn't have the grocery? What could I eat at [fill in restaurant]?"

I went to Five Guys and got a double with all the vegies I could handle, avoided the nuts and fries and threw away the bun. That with a water, and I was covered.

I've eaten at Longhorn Steakhouse and gotten salad with oil and vinegar and a steak and asked that the bread be taken away.

What do you guys do?