Had my body composition done again earlier today (5-23-12) and thought I'd give y'all an update. It had only been two months since my last DEXA scan, but I was in the office and thought "why not." I'll give the full run down since the first scan which was about about a month into my journey:


Body fat% = 36%



Body fat% = 30%



Body fat% = 26.9%



Body fat% = 24%

I didn't want to be too long winded, so I'll fill out the missing numbers here. My body weight went from 176 to 173 since the March scan, so I lost 3 pounds and 3 percentage points of body fat (still just over 6 feet tall.) This was the first scan that I have added lean body mass (I know, I know, I wasn't taking my LHT very seriously until recently.) I'm happy with my progress thus far being down 50 pounds and 12% body fat. That puts me at about half way to my goal of 12% overall body fat...maybe I can do it in 8 more months!!!

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks a lot for viewing!