Hey everyone,
I'm desperate. Not really, but I'm in need of your help. Is there such a thing as gravy without flour? Does it even exist? I've tried cookbooks and Bing. Nada results. I'm a lone (primal+crossfit & under 21) college kid living alone and need a solid recipe that provides leftovers (leftovers cold, since I'm too poor to afford a microwave for my unfurnished apartment. My latest achievement was a casserole dish as a gift from grandmom. So I'd love to have a good (beef) casserole recipe with a binding agent such as gravy. I don't mind mixing in one miniscule tablespoon or whatever of flour in it, but I'm not buying a 1-2lb bag O' flour.
Also, while I'm I'm at it, what about beef stew without wine? I'm under 21 and unable to get a hold of any (its infuriating). Any wine-less, hearty stews out there in the primal world?