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Thread: Calisthenics the answer?

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    Calisthenics the answer?

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    Hi everybody. I just recently started living the primal life and am feeling great about. I have a question for you fitness folks. I used to be weight training enthusiast but was recently diagnosed with a condition that suggests I do not lift heavy weights. I have a varicocele which is a a varicose vein in the testicular region, (sorry if this is more info than you would want lol) and lifting heavy is believed to make the problem worse. You basically want avoid the intense intra-abdominal pressure that comes with heavy lifting. I have decided to make the switch to calisthenics as practiced by Al Kavadlo and others. I just recently started working my way into Paul Wade's "Convict Conditioning". As I move up the steps to harder moves I should still be okay right? I am hoping someone can clarify for me if body-weight exercises, provided breathing is done properly, will allow me to avoid the abdominal pressure that builds with heavier lifting. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

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    Consult a sports physician.
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    I agree with Alex. There may be some medical doctors here, but they aren't going to comment on this thread. Your question would be best posed to a qualified medical professional this time. You certainly don't want to take some bad advise when dealing with that region.

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