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Thread: Is natural sugar to be added as Carb intake?

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    Is natural sugar to be added as Carb intake?

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    Hi ,
    I have just started on a Primal Diet and am still trying to get the template right. I have managed to reduce my carb intake to approx 80-90 gms per day. But my natural sugar intake levels is approx 60-80 gms per day. Now do I add natural sugars to my daily carb intake?...which means i am consuming approx 140-170 gms carbs per day.

    I have 2 fruits per day. What is the ideal Natural sugar intake per day. I do not consume any added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

    Thanks and Rgds

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    The number you are concerned with is TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE.

    If an apple has 30g of carbohydrate and 25g of sugar, that means that there are 5g of OTHER carbohydrate - fiber and sugar alcohols are carbohydrates as well but are not classified as "sugar" by the FDA. Don't add the sugar number to the TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE number, it's already included.

    So, an apple may look like this:

    Sugars: 25g
    Sugar alcohols: 3g
    Fiber: 2g
    TOTAL CARBOHYDRATE: 30g (25 + 3 + 2 = 30g)

    Those numbers aren't perfectly accurate, I'm just giving you an example off the top of my head.
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    Thankyou. That was helpful.

    I use Livestrong to calculate my Nutrient breakup etc. I hope it is accurate. I have tried FitDay, but since I am from India and mostly a Vegetarian (except for eggs), Livestrong has more of Indian Food inlcuded.

    Thnk again

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