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Thread: Greetings from Round Rock, TX

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    Cool Greetings from Round Rock, TX

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    Hi Folks,

    Just a quick intro. I'm 61, 5'6" and on the way down from a 233lb high. I've been doing a toe-dipping expedition for the last couple of months and can echo the experiences of many folks in this community. It has been amazingly simple to eliminate cereals, breads, pastries and even pasta so far. Also sashaying away from sodas has been pretty easy for me. I'm not all in but I'm headed that way. Thanks for all the inspiration folks, especially Mark.


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    Hi, JC!

    I'm browsing cookbooks today for goodies.
    Have a 1 lb. bulk sausage in the frig and wondering how to dr. it up so hubby will love it!
    Think I found a "Mexican Casserole" to try with it.

    Ordered/received some almond meal flour and coconut flour and had this for lunch:
    Banana Pancakes

    1 very ripe banana, smooshed
    2 eggs
    1 tablespoon heavy cream
    2 tablespoons coconut flour
    dash of cinnamon, nutmeg

    Heat skillet to medium. Spray with coconut oil.
    Make 4 patties. Flip when edges look done.
    Serve warm.

    Pretty good! I'm eating more variety now than before PB!
    Bad thing is --- I spend more time cooking.

    Hoisting my Perrier to you at this moment! --- JEESH! Just realized....IT"S LIME! Didn't know they made lime! I like it!
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    Welcome JC. I am 69. Down from 225 to about 200. Easing in worked for me, hopefully it will for you.
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