I have been on paleo for about a year and a half now. At first, I lost 50 pounds within the first few months and then my 90/10 paleo went to about a 70/30 for a while and I maintained my loss. Within the past couple of weeks I've gone back to about 95/5 paleo I have started intermittent fasting. I basically stop eating before 8pm and usually don't eat again until noon-ish the following day. It's not a challenge, I'm just never hungry in the morning anymore. If I am hungry, then I won't skip breakfast that day. I've been tracking my calories and I really never hit my caloric goal. I know calories aren't a big deal if you're under them, but I am wayyyy under them. The past week or so I have been around 1000 calories, sometimes less. I am a 5'3 female weighing 207 pounds, so I should technically be eating another 800ish calories to reach a caloric deficit to lose weight. My question is... is this a problem? I'm not hungry what so ever and if I feel sluggish I incorporate some more fat. Is it ok to just listen to my body like I have been or do I HAVE to eat more?