I should have been keeping a journal since the beggining. To chronicle the changes I have experienced and am starting one now just to keep track of any new changes.

My Intro, I am 41 a former Marine who's job used to require alot of travel and seperation from my framily. I was always athletic but when I turned 30 I began to slide a bit.

I started out weighing 185 in 2001 and by the end of it I was 202. I lost the wieght a couple of times but 205 became my "norm" 32 waist stretched to 34 then 36 and last summer I was about to graduate a pant size again to a 38 and was weighing a around 215. I had been suffering chronic backpain for a few years and was almost resigned to live a less physical life. I wasn't paying much attention anymore I was busy at work and stressed out with a move.
Once my relocation was completed In July I realizewd I needed to regain control of my physical self. During my weight gain I had battled some deprtession and mood swings. I also was borderline hypertensive. FOr a former football player and Marine who really enjouyed the outdoors this was no place to be.

I began studying intensively on diet and how it affects the mind and body and began by looking into gluten free out of intrest for a niece with celiacs and terrets. I began to to hike and be more active while pushing a bettwer CW diet down my throat. I felt a bit better being active but was not really losing the fat or changine my bloodpressure.
I came across the paleo diet and instantly became interested, I found Marks daily apple and was hooked. It made perfect sense.
It was a fight eliminating grains from my house. My wife initially resisted, she loves to bake bread and pasta was a household staple. Eventually she agreed to buy the foods I wanted to eat and in Late august early september of 2011 after a pantry purge I was eating strict Primal and performing the PBF fitness I had my work desk set up for standing at the desk and dove in.

To say the weight came off fast would be an understatement. It melted at 2-5 pounds a week I could hardly believe the scale.
I got stronger and fitter progressively and have been at the weight of 185 for the past 3 months. After a tranfermation of two pantsizes back to a 32 I am now ready to up my game. Two months ago I began adding deadlifts and sandbag zerker squats to my PBF lifting reutine. I have built up confidence in my back strength and have advanced to performing handstand presses, pistol squats(not really an achievement with my bacjkground just a reemergence of an old strength) and plyo pullups working on muscle ups(can do assisted by kipping or jumping but not quite there yet).

My wife cut her grains in october after seeing my quick results and although she is not transforming as fast as me because she is female I am happy that she is healthier and more energetic.

Today I tried my first Crossfit football workout and I think I will commit to it for continued strength gains.

Other activities I enjoy doing are hikes, scouting for fall hunt trips, Mountain biking and if I ever have the time getting my Kayaks out and paddling and fishing flatwaters in my area.

Thursday My wife and I leave for St Lucia for our first real get away. we have been married 20 years and I am working on the enjoying life part of primal.

I will follow this post with some photos.