Hey guys, Im new to paleo and primal blueprint.

I have tried going primal/paleo a few times, however none have lasted more than two weeks.
I don't know why but, i cheat, and then that's it! I can't get back into it, despite the cheat being half a pizza or something.

I hear that being paleo changes your mindset and makes you mentally stronger, which i think is something i need, but i just cant get my head into a long-term view for this 'diet'.

The funny thing is, i'm an advocate of eating healthy and exercising, however the last month (exams etc.) i havent exercised at all and eaten semi-poorly.

I have struggled with confidence in my appearance for about 4/5 years, and it is the last few pounds that i want to get rid of, an almost 'skinnyfat' bulge over my jeans when i sit down, and this has always been the case despite the amount of exercise i did.

I really want to get my head straight and crack on with improving my health, apperance and most importantly to me, my general happiness, as i feel this has gone too far and i know has had an impact on my social, mental, emotion and sexual life.

I this i just need some reassurance or something, i dont know, maybe a penpal of support or something, just to keep me on track!

Any thoughts or tips, or similar situations would be great guys!!


My stats are:
Age: 21
Height: 6 feet 1 inch
Weight: 82kg

Photos are also attached...
Photo on 21-05-2012 at 18.15.jpgPhoto on 21-05-2012 at 18.15 #2.jpgPhoto on 21-05-2012 at 18.15 #3.jpgPhoto on 21-05-2012 at 18.15 #4.jpgPhoto on 21-05-2012 at 18.16.jpg