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Thread: Science behind the primal diet

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    The Primal Blueprint involves high-ish protein intake, but I doubt its much higher or higher at all than the average athlete. The difference is the quality of the protein. I used to down huge peanut butter and toast sandwiches with a quart of milk. All bad proteins to digest basically. Now, I eat around a pound of meat per day (or twice that on occasion). Animal protein is by far the best source for your health.

    Tell him that his claim is really weak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by js290 View Post
    Yeah, I started losing body fat. My gums got healthier. The psoriasis on my elbows went away. Joint pains in my fingers went away. I don't fall asleep after meals. It's all horrible.
    ROFLMAO :-)

    Funny that.. I'm a nurse also, I have no problems with primal/paleo. I don't consider them restrictive in the same sense as Atkins is restrictive, and while the source of carbohydrates has migrated from grains to vegetables and fruit, the macronutrient composition of meals is still balanced.

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    Tell him that Primal Blueprint isn't Atkins. It's not super low on carbs or super high on protein. You choose your own macronutrient ratios to suit you. If you start to get any side-effects, it means you're being too restrictive and need to tweak it a bit. The emphasis is on quality food, and working with your personal preferences and needs.

    The only negative side-effect I've had is that I've gone down a dress size so I have to fork out for some new jeans!

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    I am still waiting for the science behind the CW/SAD diet. I can't find any reasearch anywhere that shows eating grains is good for you. Ditch em, and replace them with lots of veg and meat.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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    I never thought I would be saying this. Fasting is essential to primal. Your liver and kidneys need time to process and recover from eating fat, carbs, cholesterol, anti-oxidants and other food. See this science!
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