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Thread: Is a HIT - style workout good for women who want to look toned, not buff?

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    Yeah, BBS is a great idea. Just a bit of wife got better results with 2x/week workouts being that she is a novice. It actually takes you less time to recover and be ready for the next workout when you are a beginner. She is still done with each workout in about 15 minutes and looks damn good if I do say so myself .

    Throw in some "play" and your good to go. No need for any other scheduled sessions.

    I have been doing BBS for the past 6 months or so and can vouch for it. My workouts are 1x/week, but I have a long history of training.

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    I can't believe nobody has pasted this yet.

    Meet Staci - Nerd Fitness

    I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? And here are the before and after shots of a lady who started squats, deads, etc.


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    You will never get strong only doing cardio. You need to incorporate some form of weight lifting into your workouts.

    It's impossible for women to get huge, as many others have already posted. Unless you start using steroids, of course!

    "Toned" is the most ridiculous fitness term ever invented. It needs to die.
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    Another vote for BBS here. Neckhammer is correct. You'll probably do well with two workouts about every 7 days or so at first. As you become stronger and learn to really train intensely, you'll be generating much more force and be digging deeper inroads in to your limited energy reserves. Progress will slow or stop altogether and you'll need to add more rest days between workouts.

    The idea that you need to spend hours working out is nonsense. Do a program like this and it will change your life.

    I also cringe when I hear or read the term toned or toning! It was coined for just the reason the OP stated. People, especially woman were afraid of "bulking" up so they came up with "toning" to sell them on the idea on resistance training. You are either building muscle or you are not. There is no in between. You want to build muscle. In the end yes you will have a more "toned" appearance if that is the word you like, but there is no such thing as a toning workout.

    You will never look like a freak from hard weight training done drug free. Even most guys have a genuinely hard time packing on what would be considered freakish mass. I laugh when at the gym I see someone doing some namby pamby "workout" basically moving super light weights up and down real fast!! LOL Ask them why they are training that way and some will say well I don't want to get big or anything!!! LOL As if its easy to just get big!! What a joke!! Then they wonder why they make zero progress after spending hours a week with these silly afairs. Its ridiculous.
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