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Thread: Has anyone bought coconut oil from soaper's choice for cooking/consuming?

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    Has anyone bought coconut oil from soaper's choice for cooking/consuming?

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    I read on another thread about a more economical coconut oil available through soaper's choice. It says it is food grade but I was hoping to hear from someone that has actually cooked with to get an idea about the palatability of it. Does anyone have any knowledge about this variety? I bought some Lou Ana recently because it was much cheaper but now I'm learning it may be too refined to make it a beneficial part of our plan. We live in a rural area and have no retail sources close by for coconut oil.

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    I saw the post about the Soaper's Choice C.O. and was curious too. The price looks good, but after I figured in the cost of shipping it was about the same price as what I get it for at Vitacost (which offers free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more everyday and sometimes will offer free shipping on $25.00 minimum). I usually buy two Vitacost Extra Virgin Certified Organic Coconut Oil -- 54 fl oz ($20.99/ea) and throw something else into my order to make it $50.00. It's a bit of an investment, but I use CO a lot and the order will last me a very long time.

    As far as the LouAna CO, I really don't think you want to be using it for the health benefits. It's a cheap, refined oil, and while there may be some CO benefits, there is a reason it is so much less expensive than the others.

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