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Thread: Nibbler's Diary

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    Nibbler's Diary

    I'm going to start a journal to help me stay on track. I was using Fitday but it's so tedious and all the values are wrong! I've been recording the odd day here and there on paper, but lately I have enjoyed reading other peoples food diaries for meal inspiration.

    I'm 27 (28 in September) and just finishing my first year of a 4 year course studying Nutrition & Dietetics. Since I'm a student this is primal on a budget!
    I have IBS and have struggled occasionally with anxiety, both are managed well on an ancestral diet. I've been eating primally for the majority of the last year with a few WAPF related mistakes! I do occasionally eat crappy food, usually to avoid being a pain in the butt to someone who is trying to be kind and generous, but also because I enjoy it sometimes. Now that my partner has joined me in the primal lifestyle life is a lot easier.

    All recipes are primal compatible, homemade from scratch unless otherwise specified. If you like the look of any of it I'd be honored to share my recipes, just ask.

    I drink a lot of water and green tea, usually with coconut cream in the mornings. I'm not going to record these or I'd spend a lot of time typing... I'll just record any thing other than green tea and water.

    I don't have any weights & dims at this moment but I'll weigh in and measure up in the next few days.

    2 x gluten free pork sausages
    2 x poached eggs
    Handful steamed spinach + butter
    Fried mushrooms (used lard)

    Few slices cold roast beef
    Carrot & coriander salad
    Baby salad leaves + oil + balsamic
    Few cubes raw sheeps cheese
    Berries & dollop of organic greek yoghurt

    Random 1 x small scoop choc icecream (!)

    Dinner (out at a crappy restaurant with family - I was kinda stuffed!)
    Small steak + small roast chicken breast + few scampi + butter
    Mixed salad
    1 x sml glass rioja

    Exercise: literally on my feet all day from 9.30 to 5.30 working in farm shop, walking & carrying & cleaning. Ate standing up when I passed my plate!
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