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Thread: lateworkout, pwo carbs (again)

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    lateworkout, pwo carbs (again)

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    Question 1: I can't get a workout in until 7pm and I go to bed around 9. What is worse: Eating an hour or less before bed or not eating at all after a workout? I've been thinking protein shake with some honey. Will take suggestions.

    Question 2: This question has been asked a million ways but I still don't have a clear answer. If I am going to cheat with something high in carbs, would the best time be after a workout?
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    What are you goals?

    For fat loss, reducing carbs post workout is more effective, but dont get too hung about about carb timing, as total daily carbs is more relevant than the timing of carbs.

    For muscle gains post workout carbs is better. Cheats are always safer post workout because nutrient partitioning and insulin response mean that glucose is used to replenish muscle glycogen or repair rather than store fat.

    In terms of timing in relation to bed, its recommended not to eat too close to bed, but it all depends on how you feel and whether it affects your sleep.

    In term of

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    My goals are to both gain muscle and lose fat! So maybe I'll eat carbs after my strength and have just a small protein shake after my zumba? I wish I could not eat before bed but it is my only time to workout! That's why it is a dilemma for me.

    The cheating with carbs was an unrelated question. Every now and then I want a treat and it would be wonderful to minimize the damages. So I'll save my glutenfree, dairy free, refined sugar free cakepop until after my next muscle burning session :]

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