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    Question Minimalist shoes/ sandals

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    I want to buy my kids some Vivo Sandals. However, with their growing feet, I don't know what sizes to get them. Normally I buy a slight bit bigger than what they're wearing, so they can grow into them. Should I go for a glove-type fit like my VFFs (and know they might NOT last the summer) or go with a bigger size for them to grow into?

    They are expensive ($65/ pair) so I don't want to buy another pair this year. I also don't want the hassle of sending them back (international shipping from the US), so I'm really hoping to get it right from the start.

    Any advice??

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    Standard advice for children's shoes seems to be to get them slightly larger than currently needed. I guess that's just a reflection of how fast their feet can grow.

    Another option would be to make sandals:

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    Have you heard of Salt Water Sandals? The kids in my family LOVE them. We always go with these because they look and feel great and they are affordable which does matter when we know how fast they grow (we usually only get one season.) At around $35 dollars and the fact that the leather stands up to a beating and any kind of water I have to recommend them. Take a look HERE if interestedRed Salt Water Sandals and feet.JPG:

    Oh yes, also try Rainbow Sandals if you are looking for a flip-flop style that is also comfortable and affordable but that will last!rainbow_the_tango_sierra.jpg

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