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Thread: What multivitamin? (UK)

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    I have stopped taking a multivitamin. They are mainly designed for people who eat a really awful diet. Since I eat a good variety of meat, fish and vegetables, I think I would overdose on some things if I took one regularly. I think it's better to read up on which foods have which vitamins and then just supplement things you might be low on. I only take D3 and Magnesium for example.

    Omega 3 fish oil caps are helpful for staving off depression, if you don't like fish. Sunlight is the best cure-all I've found though

    However if you find you have trouble with getting enough variety in your diet for whatever reason, look for a multi that doesn't have Vitamin A, iodine, or iron if you're a man. I am a young woman but I was still getting the shits from eating a lot of meat + iron in supplements too. I dread to think if I have done myself any damage with vit A!
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