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Thread: need grain study info page

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    need grain study info

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    so i'm in a pretty heated debate on another forum that i frequent (i know, terrible idea, yadda yadda) and i really need some research information toback myself up. the intelligent people over there agree that sugar/hfcs, seed and veggie oils, an processed foods in general are bad. i've even managed to convince them that paleo actually doesn't equal low carb. but they're all stuck on the grain thing, and are demanding study information and results. is there anything out there that has been done on grain consumption, partucluarly wheat consumption. and help will be appreciated

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfreaksho View Post
    waaaayyyy too basic. unfortunately. i'm looking for much more than that

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    Loren Cordain, The Paleo Answer, Chapter Six - "Grains are Antinutritious." All science.
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    The Lectin Story is always very popular:


    Then, there is the very detailed dismemberment of "CW grain theory" by the Weston A. Price Foundation:

    Against the Grain - Weston A Price Foundation

    The Weston A. Price Foundation goes into further detail breaking down all the steps that you must do to make grains more digestible by the human body. Hint: it's a lot more intensive than adding skim milk to a bowl of Wheaties:

    Be Kind to Your Grains...And Your Grains Will Be Kind To You - Weston A Price Foundation

    Even if grains are prepared properly as per WAPF guidelines, you STILL have to realize all you're doing is getting rid of the majority of the anti-nutrients. What you're still left with is empty calories: grains just lack nutrition! So, even if you did all the work to make them optimally digestible by your gut, you're still left with garbage. Just look at Richard Nikoley's post comparing 1,400 calories of bread vs liver vs salmon.

    Wheat: How About Against the Grain, and Zero Servings Per Day? | Free The Animal

    It puts it into perspective.

    You're not going to find a whole lot of "studies" bashing grains. The realization that you must make is that grains are subsidized by the government, and Big Agriculture and the government specifically fund studies set up in such a way to glorify grains. "Studies" are mostly bunk because they're mostly set up to give a certain outcome. So, for every one study you find against grains, you're going to find 100 studies glorifying them. This is where you must actually use your brain: The facts we know for sure:

    1.) Grains contain lots of anti-nutrients and natural toxins/irritants specifically evolved to protect the grain itself from being eaten so it can reproduce. For the super-sensitive (like celiacs), these will blow out their gut nearly instantaneously. For the rest of us, they take years to build up and show symptoms, and since the build is so slow, we don't realize they're killing us until it's often too late.

    2.) You have to go through many, many steps to neutralize most of these toxins, and no matter what you do, you can't remove all of them.

    3.) Even if you remove the maximum amount of toxin, you're still left with mostly empty, nutritionless calories that do nothing to nourish the body.

    That is the argument against grains. If they're not smart enough to connect the dots on their own, then that makes them the average person. Be better than average.
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    You won't find studies "bashing" grains because those studies don't exist. Some of the "healthiest", longest living societies in the world consume ample amounts of grains as a staple of the diet. We can form our own conclusions on why that may be...

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    What is the membership spread of this forum? Because if it's international, then most of the members are still eating 'old fashioned' grains that people have enjoyed (in moderation) for thousands of years. If it's mostly Americans, then you're talking to people that have had frankengrain shoved down their throats (6-11 servings daily) for the last 30 years. The risk to benefit ratios are totally different with GMO grains~

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    We can form our own conclusions on why that may be

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