Hello Peeps!

I found my way here yesterday, directed by my wonderful brother and his girlfriend.

We'd been talking about diets, and I was describing the one that I'd been trying to follow over the last few weeks - it's one a friend told me about, but she couldn't remember all the details. Basically, she said to cut the caffeine, and start my day with hot water and lemon. Don't eat bread or too much of things like potatoes (which was a shame because I'd just decided to try making a sour-dough starter and it was bubbling away in the airing cupboard). Lots of fruit and veg, and no dairy except for plain yoghurt. Oh, and no alcohol.

Following these vague instructions lost me 4lbs in 2 weeks which I'm very happy with, especially as I wasn't sticking to it strictly - I'd have a bit of chocolate cake, or a couple of chocolates, but really concentrate when I was eating them, to really enjoy the taste and sensation. For the first time, I wasn't wanting to stuff more down my throat. I also took the kids out on Friday after a busy week, and they wanted to go to a local pizza/pasta place. I had the veggie pizza, and found myself leaving nearly half of it as I felt full.

However, I'm really an information junkie and I needed more information than I was getting from my friend. So, on a family visit yesterday, I got chatting with my brother and he directed me here. In fact, he was quite evangelical about this site (if you're reading this bro, you know who you are!!). I have to say, he was looking the fittest and healthiest I've seen him in years, but admitted to doing less exercise now than he was doing a year ago. His girlfriend too was looking fantastic.

So, I'm in the early phases of learning about this lifestyle. During a health check recently, my height was measured, and it appears that I've shrunk over the last few years, and now clock in at just over 5ft 2. This has pushed my weight from the very upper edge of 'healthy' into 'overweight'. Ideally, I need to lose at least 14lbs, (currently at 143), probably a bit more.

I also just want to be healthier. I have 2 very energetic kids, a boy of 6 and his sister, 4, and although there is nothing overtly unhealthy about me, I just want to make sure that I'm the best that I can be for them.

Anyway, enough of my waffle! Am off to read more, learn more and become a better me!