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Thread: Sprinting without a timer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trekfan View Post
    Hell yeah! Dude, I do the same thing. I imagine there's someone I just need to own like no other, get angry, and sprint. It's freeing in a weird sort of way.
    Yes, its great, isn't it? I learned that technique from a favourite guru of mine, Nassim Taleb the old options trader turned philosopher. He wrote about natural stressors in his Why I Walk essay (, and how you need to be either running to catch something or running for your life, and it just clicked. He also does weightlifting, now around the 350lb mark for dead lifts. As gurus go he is on Facebook so is pretty accessible.

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    Is there a minimum distance to aim for? I often run in an urban area with nearby sports fields. I was running in the outfield of a nearby baseball field but now its full of flowers+bees. Granted I can try and run from them but I was thinking to switch to running the dirt infield, home plate to first base. It's shorter though than the full sprint I was doing from home plate thru the outfield.

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    I just finished doing soccer field sprints - goal post to goal post. A little bit longer than comfortable, but it helped me push. I had run for a couple of miles then did 8 of those. Sprint and walk back.

    And there were plenty of clover flowers and bees. They didn't want to be squashed, so they moved out of the way w/o problems.

    Now rather than imaging I was chasing someone down I imagined I was running away from a predator. There is probably something telling about what that means subconscioulsy, but I bet I don't want to know what that is...
    Trying a journal. We'll see how long that lasts....

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    Quote Originally Posted by abexman View Post
    Does anyone do interval sprinting without a timer? Or do people count in their heads? I don't want to have to wear anything on my sprinting.
    You sprint naked????? Awsome

    Better add something useful, I sprint soccer field lenght, or as far as I can before I have to slow down, then squat till I can breath normalish and do it again.
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    I use a huge set of stairs, by the time I get to the top I'm falling down gasping. Timing the next one is just about waiting till I think I can do it again without dying.
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