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Thread: Primal Journey - Madog

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    Primal Journey - Madog

    I've been eating primal on and off for about 18 months along with gym training 3 days a week with the overall dream to become lean a fit. Over the past 12 months I became obsessed with recording food, weight, BF and training weights on numerous websites or spreadsheets. Some nice looking graphs and pie charts, but still the pot belly and 22% bf remained. The last challenge was a 6 pack for the holiday to Mexico - FAIL Current stats are Weight 92 kgs(203lbs), Height 172 cms(5' 11") and 22% BF

    I wanted too much, the bigger biceps, the lean look, the tan, well not the tan due to living in the UK. Reading some of the real life success stories on Fridays taught me what and how I need to adapt meet this latest challenge. Too long I was following a 5x5 Stronglifts routine, but I could not get past doing a 50kg BB squat due to the work gym not having a power rack and using the smith machine would make the squats unnatural, risking injury. I was, in effect doing a clean and jerk to a OHP, then lowering the BB onto my shoulders to perform the squat.

    With a 100 mile round trip to work, joining a new gym and working out after work is not an option. The exercise routine has to change to something which will burn fat and improve my cardio. I will pick up some BW routines and the odd heavy lift during the week to fit my current lifestyle, work dictates the 05:30 start.

    So from Monday the routine starts and I will have a go at this IF I've been reading about. Our company has just started a global company challenge were individuals\teams wear pedometres and record the daily total, the aim is to do 10000 steps per day, I tried this out for week and was surprised to find my average was 5500-6000 steps, room for improvement.

    Superset A

    DB side lateral raises
    DB Y raises
    DB front raises

    Superset B
    Front squat

    spiderman push ups

    Ab roll outs (using BB)

    push ups

    chin ups (with negative chins)


    This is the fun part as I will be using Marksdailyapple as THE resource tool. Lots of excellent recipes and ideas for meals. Meals have become rather boring with chicken salads for lunch or salmon with steamed veg for dinner. Does eating starchy veg such as carrots for dinner make a difference compared to cauliflower. Should these root veggies only be eaten at lunch, answers I will find out over the coming weeks.

    I have found a couple of on-line meat suppliers which produce grass fed beef products, so a large order has filled the 2 freezers with rib eye steaks, venison, liver etc... I now just need to do this justice by preparing it well.

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