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    Oh come-on... cinamon toast crunch is part of a balanced breakfast. Even as a kid I couldn't understand why no one called them out on that one.

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    OMG I love Sugar Smacks/ Golden Crisp/ Honey Crisp.

    THAT and Uncle Sam's are the ONLY reason I avoid that aisle. Seriously.

    Its been sooooo long since Ive had some.

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    LOL... I remember going to the grocery store right after I'd really started thinking about all the chemical crap that's out there. I was fascinated by aisle after aisle of stuff that wasn't even real food. It was so astounding and horrible all at once!

    I shop at Trader Joe's mostly, with stops at either the farmer's market or plain grocery store for veggies. Every once in a blue moon I might hit Henry's (another health food store) or whole foods, but usually only if i need something I can't find anywhere else...

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    Grocery shopping has come to a simple routine. Typically it's cow/pig-pooling and Saturday trips to the farmers market. However, sometimes trips to the grocery store have to happen.

    I have a typical route.

    Once in the grocery head to the right... browse over salads, gourmet cheeses, gelato, sushi, yummy olive bar... into produce. Once produce is covered, covet the wild fish in the fish market. Left into the "organic" section. Back to the outside aisle (skipping meat since I got it covered.) Possibly wander over into dairy. Mostly I stick to one little corner of the store. It's nice that everything is right together and I can avoid the rest of the garbage. Can't remember the last time I walked through the center. Why bother?

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    "yummy olive bar"


    And wild fish?? I am so jealous for real. I wish we had your grocery store.

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