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Thread: After 35 years as a vegetarian, I'm going to try Primal. Help!

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    After 35 years as a vegetarian, I'm going to try Primal. Help!

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    Hi everyone, I'm a brand new member here, and found this site through my husband. I've been reading it for weeks, actually, and just decided to join today. I've seen what 'going primal' has done for my husband's health and his weight, and so here I am, considering whether or not I can try this.

    I became a vegetarian at 16 because of squeamishness, and I just felt bad for animals. Now, I'm 51. Not overweight, good health, outstanding cholesterol levels, great blood pressure. ...but, after seeing the changes in my husband, I just think maybe I could do better. I want to be feel stronger. And I will freely admit, turning 50 does something to a person I want to make the most out of the next decades I've got.

    Anyway, if anyone has any advice, or has been where I am now and made the transition themselves, I'd love to hear your experience. This is scary, but I'm thinking it will be good for me. Thanks for any words anyone has to offer!
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    Fish and bacon are good gateway meats. Although when I gave up my 10 years of vegetarian eating the first meat I went for was steak, barbecued tri-tip to be exact.
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    The first thing I'd say is, "Welcome. Welcome to the rest of your life." I wasn't vegetarian but I had other nutritional notions to let go of. In my experience, the emotional concepts are a lot harder to deal with than the rational ones. Emotionally, I was upside down for a while, because I had "known" for years I should do "a, b, c" and now I was violating every one of those rules. The rational facts which showed the rules were bogus was not as powerful - at first - as the emotion of wanting to do what I thought was the right thing.

    However, patience with myself, persistence in reminding my emotional self of why I was making the changes and what they could and would do for me in the long run was critical. YMMV of course - but do be prepared to slip occasionally. It happens to all of us - what matters is what you do after that. I can't change the past. But I do determine what happens now, and what comes next.

    And we're always here.

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    Free your Mind, and your Grok will follow:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SoccerGrok View Post
    Free your Mind, and your Grok will follow:-)
    Thanks also for the previous replies. I haven't even tried anything yet, just thinking about it gets me a bit emotional! I've decided that I will only ever do farm-raised, though. And I was never the type of vegetarian that ate fake meat, so getting used to the taste will be a challenge. My sweetheart of a hubby is going to make me some garlic chicken tonight. I LOVE garlic!

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    Welcome! A lot of us were vegetarian for years.

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    My advice would be:
    Read the book and follow it. Don't tweak too quickly. Get plenty of sleep!
    Read the threads if you have questions, but don't ask your own questions at first, because a) your question has almost certainly already been asked, and the advice is already waiting there for you, and b) sometimes people can get a little snarky in their responses, and when you are a beginner, you may not need that coming your way.
    Start a journal. On paper or on the journal thread. Keeping track of what you are doing is helpful in so many ways.
    Good luck to you!

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    Hello from a two-week old omnivore
    I admit that eating meat again after 14 years of veggie/veganism felt strange. I really struggled with it emotionally for the first few days but it does get easier. The strong grounded "buzz" of wellbeing I felt coursing through my body after a nice steak confirmed that this is the right path for me.
    Make peace with the fact that if you were a cow's natural food he would eat you in a heartbeat
    It's ok to be squeamish, I have a feeling that will get better for us with some time.
    If I can give advice as a newbie, I'd say make sure you get your fibrous veggies and be open to taking digestive enzymes for a little while. Meat digests very differently and it can be a little challenging for the first bit to get used to. Enzymes with meals and fiber will go a long way.

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    Many years ago I was vegetarian for a few years. The thing that I had the hardest time readjusting to was chicken; it made me nauseous.
    When eating red meat, combine it with green leafy veggies rather than starchy veggies, at least for a while. If you don't have trouble digesting it, then you can combine it with "heavier" food like sweet potatoes and avocado.

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    As Mark and others have stated, you can be primal and still be a vegetarian. Just means lots of eggs and probably cheese and yoghurt for your main protein sources. You could try that first and see how that goes, just be careful to find a good source of yoghurt without tons of sugar added!

    From there, you can phase in the meats. Start with low doses of fish, and then slowly add bacon, ground meats, and move to full cuts as you feel comfortable.

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