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Thread: Anyone Else Eating Just One Meal A Day?

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    Few but ripe.

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    I end of doing variations of what a lot of 'one meal per dayers' are doing. I generally eat my meals, could be 1 or 2 between 4p and 8p. Bulletproof coffee and tea are also part of it. Sometimes none up to my feeding window, sometimes both. But the light 4p 'breakfast' is necessary a lot because if I skip that first part I am really really hungry around 6-7p and feel like I bang down too much at once...that 4-8 spacing is really necessary for me to feel satiated. Its not technically a meal, but that grass fed butter and coconut oil in the morning/early afternoon is the key for me to one meal per day.
    Its odd, but I am at the point where a true morning breakfast doesnt make me feel great...TMI, but especially so if the morning BM hasnt occured either...haha

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    It's really interesting reading all the replies. I was experimenting with one daily meal back when I started the thread. I still eat that way at least 3 days a week. The rest is usually 2 meals within 6 hour window.
    To tell the truth I haven't noticed any difference in body comp, but I'm totally cool with maintaining at this point. Oh, and for me IFing has totally kicked the constant cravings and hunger to the curb.

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