Hi guys,

I'm having a bit of a bad day today, I had my full bloods taken at the start of this week. I got the results back today and it turns out I have a rare genetic disorder called familial hypercholesterolemia which means I have abnormally high cholesterol levels.

I have a small and very slim frame (5'3" and 109lbs) and I'm a huge advocate of healthy eating so this has come as somewhat of a blow to me because now it looks like I can't follow the Paleo diet properly anymore. My LDLs (low density lipoprotein) rang in at 8.8 (it's only supposed to be around 2.2) and the doctor said that my figure is higher than that of an obese person brinking on the edge of a heart attack.

Basically, I have to go on a super low-fat diet now and probably medication after I'm referred to a lipid specialist. I'm pretty much not allowed to eat red meat anymore and I'm banned from using fatty cooking oils such as the coconut oil I use religiously.

So, can any of you good people suggest any modifications I can make to my diet without having to sacrifice the Paleo lifestyle? Because I honestly cannot think of anything worse than having to eat grains again.

Nicole x