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Thread: Hip mobility improvements with bone on bone osteoarthritis?

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    Hip mobility improvements with bone on bone osteoarthritis?

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    I have made huge improvements in pain relief with PB eating, I no longer need any pain meds, and am walking better, but my right side is really stiff still, I can barely pedal a bicycle. Is there anything I can do to improve flexability, or did I wait too long? I thought I was stuck with what I got, but with the suprising results of my pain relief, I am now hopeful I can see more improvements.

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    Help! I want to be able to do a Grok squat! I have spent my whole life bending over, and now my back is saying enough! But my right hip is so stiff i can barely put on my sock! I can only squat about half way. Should I keep practising that until I get stronger, and then try going down further when i am able?

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    I thought I would find something for you on the Mobility WOD site (MobilityWOD). Surprisingly, I did not. There have been many reports in these forums of individuals with arthritis problems who have seen considerable improvement on the Primal plan. Most attribute this to the anti-inflammatory effect of the diet, and the joint improvements (better synovial fluid distribution) through the compound joint body weight movements. Try some of these:

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    Annlee, yes, i have had lots of improvement, mainly less pain, before, i didn't want to move much, but now I do, so i hope to continue to see more!!!

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    THere are a couple of ways that I would go about this.

    1. find a good quality physiotherapist to help you out -- k-starr style (that is, the mobility wod guy);

    2. find a good quality yoga instructor who has worked with hip osteoarthritis and do that.

    i have worked with this, but without seeing you and having an honest dialogue, i can't give you anything specific.

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    Zoebird, I understand, thanks for the suggestions though.

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