My past 2 employers have required participation in a wellness program that is run by the same outside company. I have taken part in the program for 6 years and I have watched my numbers steadily improve as I have moved toward the primal way of eating. My TC/HDL ratio has trended downward from 4.3 to 2.6, and my trigs have steadily descended from 129 to 61. My numbers for 2011 appear to be pretty ideal from what I have read on this site.

TC 220
LDL 122
HDL 86
TC/HDL 2.6
Trig 61

Then I got my results from this year:
TC 188
LDL 88
HDL 57
TC/HDL 3.3
Trig 216

Everything seemed OK until I saw the Trig level of 216. I have to say that I was pretty shocked when I saw this number, and I even questioned the nurse on the accuracy of the test. I admit that my exercise levels have decreased since last year, but I don't think that alone could explain this. I fasted for 13 hours prior to the blood draw. Can anyone shed some light on what may be causing this?

My glucose levels decreased from 95 to 86 from 2011 to 2012 test. Everything else that was tested came back normal, and I would have had a "perfect score", excluding the trig levels. I can't really think of much that changed in my diet, except for maybe increasing intake of red meats slightly and not taking fish oil supplement.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated