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Thread: vertical Jump---- it's back!!!!

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    vertical Jump---- it's back!!!!

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    After an hour long yoga sculpt class tonight and half a dozen 80 yard sprints in the field with my dog, I was feeling really good and decided to jump up and grab the basketball hoop in my driveway. Now keep in mind that I could do this pretty easily back in my college football days when I was powerlifting and everything, but it had been a long time. (13 years now)

    SO I am 6'2" tall now and am weighing an even 260 pounds, and am feeling more and more athletic everday again. Standing reach is exactly 8'0" since I can just touch the ceiling in my bedroom- I stood under the basket ball rim, squatted down and jumped up to see if I could still do it..... To my surprise I damn near broke my wrist on the rim I hit it so high on my hand. I measured from my fingers to where the red mark is on my palm and it was 5" That means my vertical jump is right at 29"?????? Crazy- my highest I think in college was right at 30???

    Oh yes- my feet are still tingling becuase my dumbass did it in my vibrams of course.

    Oh well- I feel great that I did that today- tells me my body is changing back to athlete from 320 pound fat dumpy slug. SWEET!!!!

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    Tomahawk dunk next? Grand Ma Ma style..

    Converse React Commercial w/ Larry Johnson - YouTube

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