It's about time I got up to this journal business.

For now...

I'd like to announce that tomorrow I will be dragging my own personal rainbow, possibly kicking and screaming, out of the dark.

It's time to see my stylist for a much needed cut and highlight. And the last time I dabbled in some touches of violet the husband complained that the color to cash ratio was stunningly inadequate. That is my translation of what he said of course. So, with his words in mind, I go back to my stylist with every intention of rectifying the situation.

I've done pink, I've done the touches of violet. This time I'm thinking TEAL. Big ol' chunks of teal, wide swaths even. The color to cash ratio should verily stand up and shout from the rooftops that this girl got her moneys worth!
The husband may decide that he has a different complaint once he sees it.
But, I have no responsibilities, no job, no silly corporate rules to follow and...

So WHY not?

I'm sure at some point I'll feel like adding something somewhat relevant to this journal, like the reason for the title or some such.
Not today.