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Thread: Hello from Oregon

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    Smile Hello from Oregon

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    Hello All,

    Actually started an LR program, but there were many references to this site for additional information, so I'm poking around.

    I've read much of the material, and the FAQ's and have learned much.

    For me, my fundamental problem is that I hate veggies. Absolutely hate them. I did a 30-day vegan thing (Joel somebody's book), last year, and hated them just as much at the end of 30 days as I did at the start. Salads, veggies, raw, cooked, plain, seasoned, Gag me with a fork. So I keep looking at the primal plan and such, and keep telling myself, it'd be great w/o all the dang vegetables. And I don't really eat fruit either. Maybe I'm part eskimo or something...

    The 2 best things that have worked for me has been straight up fasting, I've done 2 30-day water fasts in the last 5 years or so. Never felt better in my life. Mental clarity was great, sleep was great, libido great, sometimes I think I should do it more often.

    I always feel better eating protein/fats, I never feel good eating carbs of any kind, simple or not.

    So at least the BAB part of LR is a plus for me, as it's pretty easy... But I'm easily 80lbs overweight, and have to do something.

    Anyway, brief introduction, and thanks for taking the time, and now back to my regularly scheduled lurking...

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    Greetings from Tigard...Welcome to Grokville!

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    Greetings, from Tigard, as well.
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