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Thread: Los Angeles Guide to Primal Resources

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    Los Angeles Guide to Primal Resources

    I did some searching and couldn't seem to find a good thread. I thought I'd start one for those living in or visiting Los Angeles.

    There are a ton of farmers markets, restaurants, and shops - though I've had a hard time finding 'groups'.

    Some good places I've found so far:

    Santa Monica Farmers Market on Saturday (Arizona and 3rd)
    Santa Monica Farmers Market on Sunday (Main St)
    Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday
    Lindy and Grundy's Butcher (Hollywood)
    Cooportunity (Broadway in Santa Monica)

    Animal (ask them to point out the non gluten things) (Hollywood Area)
    Another Kind of Sunrise (breakfast, run by paleo-crossfit-chef) (Abbot Kinney, Venice)
    Akasha (Culver City)
    Euphoria Loves Rawvolution (Vegan but amazing!) (Santa Monica)
    KBBQ Places (I refer to these as dirty primal places - meaning the meat origin is suspect)
    K-Town: Parks, (best)
    K-Town: Kang Hodong Baekjeong (Best and cheapest)
    K-Town: Chosun Galbi, (second best)
    K-Town: Palsaik (specializes in Pork Belly)
    K-Town: Road to Seoul,
    K-Town: Feng Mao (All dirty primal but still not bad - even has 'fake' dogmeat which is pig heart)
    Kreation Cafe (Santa Monica)
    Lemonade (Venice, Brentwood, etc)
    Lucques (WeHo)
    Picca (West LA)
    Rustic Canyon/Huckleberry (Santa Monica)
    Tar and Roses (Santa Monica)
    SmokeCity BBQ (Sherman Oaks)
    Baby Blues BBQ (Santa Monica)
    Benny's Tacos (Santa Monica) (awesome organic rotiserie chicken)
    Wurstkuche (Little Tokyo, Venice - Pork Italian and Exotic Sausages only)
    Brians Bowls (Delivery Service - )

    Peter Rouse and Alicia Fong at AF Performance
    The Rings, Bars, swings, on the beach in venice and santa monica
    Santa Monica Beach bike trail
    Topanga Canyon Hiking
    220 Fitness
    Dogtown Crossfit
    Temescal Canyon (in Pacific Palisades)
    Paradiso Crossfit (My box and it's awesome!!)

    Please add MORE!
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