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Thread: Going Primal and arthritis?

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    I am a writer but I have a hard time writing by hand because of arthritis in my right hand.Can being primal help with that at all?

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    Yes there have been studies assessing the efficacy of the paleolithic diet in reversing chronic degenerative diseases, arthritis being one of them. Arthritis being an inflammatory disease, it will most definitely respond well to eating only natural, fresh food (no processed food) and reducing insulin levels and balancing the omega 3-6 ratio.

    So yes. Just go hard and try to be the best Grok you can be. Give it a little while and I'm confident you will have some success.

    Nobody ever had a glucosamine supplement deficiency, I'll tell you that.

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    There are folks who find that cutting nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, etc.) out of their diets greatly helps their arthritis symptoms improve. Paleo/primal diets can go hand in hand w/ this for sure, and there are folks who are strict paleo who avoid nightshades b/c they are a "new world food"--not available to paleolithic man/woman.

    Good luck! I've never felt healthier than I do eating real, whole foods, lots of meat, *good* fat and veggies and no grains...

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