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Thread: Primal in San Antonio TX?

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    Primal in San Antonio TX?

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    I live in San Antonio TX and wanted to see if there are others here who are also living the primal lifestyle?

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    I'm in California but saying welcome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by hjones View Post
    I live in San Antonio TX and wanted to see if there are others here who are also living the primal lifestyle?
    There are a number of us at where I work (San Antonio tech firm you've probably heard of) - and the numbers seem to be growing. There are more and more crossfit folks, and the primal/paleo diet trend seems to be increasing as folks see our results.

    I've been paleo for about a year, have lost probably in the neighborhood of 50 lbs of fat and increased lean mass by a few pounds.
    Honestly, I have no idea of my loss/gains - I know I'm running between 45 and 50 pounds lighter than when I started, and my clothes continue to fit different even though my weight is the same now for 6 or so months and I'm a lot stronger - I also see a lot more muscle. All good stuff!

    San Antonio is a pretty easy place for it - as long as you get over the constant barrage of tortillas! Guacamole is everywhere and great meat is simple to find.

    Good luck and welcome!

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    Yes, Primal and live in SA! I joined the forum recently as well hoping to find Paleo/primals in the neighborhood. Welcome and if you ever need local support, you can always find me here. I often feel alone on this path because no one in my circle of friends and acquaintances understand the way i eat. It actually seems to stir up some controversy--never thought someone's food choices could make others so uncomfortable. I just chalked it up to living in San Antonio (it's certainly not Austin). Hope it's going well for you!

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    Haven't been to the forums in some time, but found this thread searching for "primal" day cares. I'm in SA and have been eating primal/paleo for the past 4-5 yrs. My wife started about 3-4 yrs back and our daughter as eaten this way since birth, 2yrs this September.

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    I'm not in San Antonio but one of my best friends is. He is primal and guessing from your profile pic, he'd be very interested in meeting you! LOL...

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