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Thread: How's my nutrition + workout schedule? Help for a fitness noob

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    Why would you cut your calories that low intentionally? Eat as your hunger dictates. Do you enjoy long distance cardio? If not, I would skip it. I would think you'd be better off doing higher calories on the days you exercise rather than your rest days. It doesn't seem like you are giving your body enough rest.

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    It seems like a recipe for exhaustion and undernourishment to me. You've got 3 HIIT workouts in a row mon-wed on very few calories followed by a heavy weights session and long distance cardio (is this walking, running or what? A gentle walk is cool, a hard run is not). Overall your calorie count is around 1000 per day with a very active lifestyle. Yeah, you might lose a few pounds, but it's unlikely most or even some of that will be fat.
    Why not just follow the PB exercise guidelines, eat sensibly with your hunger (if you must count, go for at least 1300 on average (cycling is fine). I've no idea when beach season is for you, I live on the Sunshine Coast, it's always beach season! But why not just focus on a sensible, sustainable approach and you'll reach your goal eventually.

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