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Thread: Buffalo Sweet Potato Fries

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    Buffalo Sweet Potato Fries

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    A little snack I had this weekend. Felt sinful with dipped in a primal mayo!

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    love sweet potato fries fried in bacon fat with rosemary, diced garlic and onions. And maybe a dash of smoked paprika sometimes.

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    Oh, what? You made them in the oven. I don't see any buffalo tallow used anywhere.

    Anyway, I make the real thing. Peeled sweet potato, sliced longways both ways to make chips and deep fried in real beef tallow until soft and properly cooked. Then eaten without guilt or concern for their high carbohydrate contents. When I am eating low carb (not after weightlifting + one week) I don't eat enough carbohydrate during the rest of the day to make it worth worrying.

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    billp - she means buffalo style. here is the u.s. we have something called "buffalo wings." it has nothing to do with the animal called buffalo. they are chicken wings coated in a delicious spicy hot sauce. they are called buffalo wings because they were created in a town called Buffalo, New York.

    anyways, those fries sound super tasty! especially dipped in the primal mayo.

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