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Thread: Some lunch/dinner ideas?

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    I would suggest trying a big ass salad with a tin of salmon and some kind of primal dressing for lunch. Very tasty. Dinner can be anything! Ever tried a manhattan clam chowder for supper, or maybe some slow cooker recipes?

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    I found raw coleslaw mix at my co-op and bought a tub with the intention of making coleslaw, which I have suddenly developed a love for.
    Then in a moment of brilliance, I fried it up with coconut oil, rosemary, sage, sausage and mushrooms. Add eggs if you want, though I prefer them fried on the side.
    Its glorious.

    I will also second the bacon-wrapped chicken thighs. Very easy to make. Use 2 strips of bacon per thigh to get full bacon flavor. Takes about half an hr in the oven @350.

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    Do you have a favorite restaurant? I recommend getting ahold of one of their menus and learning to cook your favorite dishes.

    Now that it's colder (it's been snowing for two days here BLUH), soups and stews are wonderful. Mark has some wonderful soups in the recipes section. Chowstalker is also a great source of paleo/primal/PHD recipes.

    My list this week has salad with random toppings (blue cheese mmm), pumpkin bisque, mushrooms, grilled fish, shrimp, slow cooked oxtails, slow cooked lamb, potatoes (cooked in drippings), sweet potatoes (with a little crushed pecans), creamed spinach, greens, leeks, Brussels sprouts, apples, and grapes.

    Other than the soup, spinach, and oxtails, none of them are really "recipes" so much as ingredient + cooking method applicable fat + seasoning. I'll add some rosemary to the lamb and paprika to the fish. Maybe boring, but I enjoy it.

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