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Thread: Coconut Manna that's CHEAP and oh so DELICIOUS!

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    I desperately need to invest in a blender... now my mouth is watering... lol
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    I faked up some coconut manna accidentally by mixing coconut oil and coconut flour.
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    When I make a B(ullet-proof) C(offee) I use some homemade manna along with unsalted butter. Wunderbar.

    "Made a half batch of this last night. No cocoa powder on hand so I food processed a bag of cocoa nibs. Which turned into cocoa paste. Or butter. whatever...."

    Now I am going to try it this way. Thanks. Hey, improvisation is soooo Primal. "Necessity is the mother of invention-not Frank Zappa."
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    I've been making manna this way for a while... in a food processor. It takes a good 15 minutes and lots of scraping. Maybe I should put a vitamix on the wedding registry...

    Sometimes what I'll do to make it a little more like a candy bar is to put it onto wax paper on a cookie sheet while still warm. Drop on some crushed up macadamia nuts or whatever your fancy is... and pop it into the fridge until it cools and sets. Then I break it up into pieces and store in a container in the fridge. Coconut bark I guess

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