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Thread: Coconut oil brands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tropical Traditions View Post
    Again, taste is subjective, and we carry four different types of coconut oil which corresponds to anything else that is already in the market. The Gold Label brand has been around for over 10 years, and anyone can look up the reviews and testimonies on the Internet. There are thousands of them in places like Bizrate,, Pricegrabber, etc. Our objective with the Gold Label Virgin Coconut oil is to provide a traditional, hand-made coconut oil that is the highest quality coconut oil available. Many people use it for therapeutic values. Most people love the taste, others do not. But our objective is not to cater to everyone's taste. We can't do that anyway. Our objective is to provide the highest quality coconut oil possible, as research done in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and our own testing in the Philippines shows that traditionally made wet-milled coconut oils have the highest levels of antioxidants. We offer refunds if people are not happy with it, be we request you start out with a pint first, and not a gallon or 5 gallon. Each batch is specially hand-crafted, and we do not want it to go to waste. But to say it is rancid is just not true.
    I was teasing. I never said anything you sent me was rancid, just tried to finagle myself a free sample of your top of the line coconut oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RichMahogany View Post
    I was teasing. I never said anything you sent me was rancid, just tried to finagle myself a free sample of your top of the line coconut oil.
    There are places and ways you can get it online for free: Free Coconut Oil

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    I recommend Tropical Traditions (*nudge, nudge* look in my sig), Something Pure, Ojio, and Spectrum
    --Trish (Bork)

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    Bork Bork! Where have you been lately?

    This discussion has tempted me to try a small jar of the extra virgin cocount oil, just to see if I hate it. Generally I dislike the taste of anything coconut-y and truly hate a coconut scent in anything; food or cosmetics or especially that vile suntan oil - now there's your puke smell IMO.

    Anywho, my working jar of Tropical Traditions refined sits on the kitchen shelf. I can tell the room temperature by how hard or soft it is and I've never worried about it going rancid.

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    What are the differences between your oils?

    Quote Originally Posted by Tropical Traditions View Post
    Tropical Traditions has been in the market longer than anyone, and we have never had a jar of coconut oil go rancid. It is nearly impossible, and would take probably 20 years or more. However, our Gold Label Virgin Coconut Oil, which is actually recommended by Mark, is different from any other coconut oil on the market, because it is made by hand the traditional way. It is the highest quality oil we sell, but if you are used to mass-produced machine-made coconut oils, it will definitely taste different. Taste is subjective, however, and this oil has the highest levels of antioxidants of any of the coconut oils, verified by independent lab tests. It is most definitely not rancid.
    Could you tell me please what are the differences between your coconut oils nutritionally?
    I do not mean how they are made but actually the nutrient content( Vitamins, minerals, which amino acids, lauric acid etc.)
    There are quite big price differences between these oils. Is it only because of the different extraction methods or are there some nutritional differences as well?
    Could you be precise in your response please? I am looking for percentages and amounts.
    Thank you.

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    try this one or just take alook:
    see you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Bork Bork View Post
    I recommend Tropical Traditions (*nudge, nudge* look in my sig), Something Pure, Ojio, and Spectrum
    No love for Nutiva?

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    I do expeller-pressed, which is refined, but minimally so. I just don't like virgin coconut oil (though I like coconut itself and use coconut cream in my coffee just fine, it's just the oil I don't like tasting all coconutty at me).

    I get this: Coconut Oil: America's Best Source for Buying Coconut Oil! - in the 5 gallon buckets. If you follow on Twitter or email newsletter or whatever, order when they have free shipping for the best price.

    I fill pint-sized mason jars (cause they fit in my microwave when I need to melt it) at a time. I also keep smaller containers about for cosmetic use. And it's cheap enough for me to give samples when I recommend it to someone.

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