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Thread: Hello from Belgium

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    Hello from Belgium

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    This is just to say hi and to introduce myself to the forum. I have been a reader for a while.
    I registered to the forum partly to motivate myself to take my primal lifestyle a bit more serious.

    I am a 36 year old guy who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium.

    After initial success with the challenge in September 2011 I recently have been following more an 20/80 approach than an 80/20 approach (Belgian Chocolate & French Fries unfortunately are delicious). The result is I feel often tired, react strongly on sugar (heartbeat, sweat, modd swings).

    So to approach my goal quicker and get a boost in motivation I decided to take on a new challenge for the next 21 days:
    Full primal eating with an 90/10 approach and (10 = I will reduce the dairy intake to little butter and creme and will limit my coffee intake to 1espresso - max. 2 espressi - a day/ an occassional 70% Lindt Square as well as Quinoa or Sweet Potatoe in the morning)

    I plan to
    - reduce my computer screen & tv time to max 1hr a day.
    - walk, rest and meditate daily and work out 2-3 times/week

    Primal Yogi

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    Welcome! You can do it!
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