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    why would you want to eat something that is genetically modified?
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    Is there genetically modified rice being sold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Velocity J View Post
    Brown rice falls under the whole grain umbrella so it's usually promoted as being healthier. There have been a couple of studies comparing the two, but there is no real evidence for which one is better. I've seem some sources say white rice is bad because it has a higher GI than brown, but there is a whole range of GI values for different types of rice, and some varieties of white rice actually have lower GIs. This has more information about the differences: white rice vs brown rice
    Good point. Also, any differences in GI are only relevant if one is comparing a plain bowl of one variety of rice against another as a whole meal.

    Significant protein, fat and fibre from vegetables eaten with rice are far more significant in lowering the GI of the meal than a small amount of wholegrain fibre.
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    My Japanese wife and I eat Korean rice mostly. Nishiki is okay in a pinch, but there are much better varieties out there. The best source is a local Korean grocery store. Go in and ask what is the best rice and they will show you. FWIW, my wife won't touch brown rice.

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    Brown rice has some of the antinutrients that impair mineral absorption. On the other hand it has a lower GI value, but GI is mostly irrelevant in healthy diets/people. I'd just stick to white rice since its safer. Obviously if you're on a good diet you won't be eating a lot of white rice anyway.

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    People think that brown rice is healthy because they are operating with the misinformation that higher fiber = healthier, and they don't understand that whole grains contain anti-nutrients that can not only cause digestive system irritation on their own, but can also bind to lots of other nutrients, rendering them unavailable.

    White rice has less nutrition on paper, when compared to brown rice. However, since it doesn't have the outer husk, it is not likely to cause digestive system inflammation. There is a reason that WHITE rice, not brown, is recommended for people with IBS and colitis and other inflammatory disorders.

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    Because brown rice tastes like cardboard?

    Nightmare healthfood: tofu and brown rice stir fry. Nightmare on Food Street.

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