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Thread: Non-Perishable Primal Puzzle

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    Greetings, I'm going on a 4-day "hut to hut" mtn bike ride next month with huge mileage and altitude gain--I will need a lot of calories. They stock the huts with food but since I must eat low carb (I get really sick if I don't)the company says they will let me give them boxes of food that I pack myself and leave them in the huts for me. The food must be non-perishable. I am totally gluten intolerent (except for beer, strangely) and I can't eat much dairy either (except for eggs, butter and heavy cream). Food additives and sugar often cause me problems. Very few processed foods work for me--pretty much just Kettle chips and tortilla chips. Everything else I make from scratch and mostly I just eat whole fresh foods. I can eat corn and potatoes in limited amounts; in general I have to stick to 150 grams of carbs per day. Wheat, rice and legumes turn out particularly bad for me. Any ideas on what I should leave in the huts and bring with me? So far my thoughts are, nuts and lots of homemade jerky in my pack, and home-canned meat and stews for the hut boxes. (I am used to canning). I usually eat a lot of heavy cream, eggs, fresh fruits and vegies and fresh meat so this is sort of tricky!

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    I was going to suggest nuts or jerky. I usually try to keep "emergency food" in my car (in case I'm ever stranded) and that's what I use.

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    tins of fish? Fresh veggies for the first couple days? They might keep OK, or will the company not allow that?

    Summer Sausage? Freeze dried meal? I've never really looked into those. I see foil packages of Indian food from time to time on the store shelves -- they may be too full of junk for

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    I second the tins of fish (I've only ever had tuna, but I hear salmon is okay, and sardines might be good too). Beef Jerky, a mix of nuts...okay those are pretty much the things you already said If you have access to good canned veggies that could work too. I'm particularily fond of Larabars, they are usually 3-4 ingredients, gluten/dairy free and vegan (though I don't really care about the vegan part). I love that they are only made of nuts/dates/dried fruit/spices, and some of them don't even have dried fruit if you want to avoid that.

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