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Thread: Can we eat anything we want?

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    Yes, it's a free world (or free-ish, depending on where you live) you can eat whatever you like. If you want to experience maximum health and vitality though... well that's a different question isn't it?
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    Gadsie, one thing to keep in mind as a young man at 14 you are still growing and probably haven't hit your final growth spurt. However, it is very possible the young lady the father has asked about has finished growing depending on a couple of personal things in her development. Therefore, 1800 calories may or may not be enough. Of course, as the others have mentioned she should eat her whole foods as needed/wanted and just stay away from the processed junk.

    Just jumpin' in... I'm a 39 year old woman who didn't grow (except get fatter off junk food) after age 12.


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    1800 calories/day seems very little for a 15-year-old active girl? I remember when I was 15. I didn't play any sports, and remember being a bottomless pit-- ate everything I wanted, junk food at all. Never gained anything and always skinny and relatively healthy. I feel like teens should eat healthy food according to their appetite because they are still growing. I reached my full height at 13.

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    I will echo what others have said. Yes she can eat whatever she wants, but it's not recommended. If she is looking to follow a primal lifestyle, she should be choosing whole foods. Real fats, good protein and good carbs. She should also follow her hunger as a guide vs worrying about the macros and calories. She may need more calories than 1800/day with her activity level. Tell her to eat when she's hungry and to not/stop when she's satisfied and to choose whole foods.

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