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Thread: Hello from GA! Just started primal a week ago and....

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    Hello from GA! Just started primal a week ago and....

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    I have lost 3 lbs in a week! I have been doing P90X for some time now, but the scales were not moving. My husband, who has lost 40+ pounds, encouraged me to try the primal diet and after playing around with it I decided to try it for real this time. I'm so encouraged by this weight loss because I've been trying to just count calories for so long and did not see the scales move. I had way too many cheats going on and knew that was my problem. Also started sprinting last week a few times a week. LOVE IT!! Hope to get lots of info. and help on the forum.
    Nice to meet ya'll!

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    Welcome! There are a few of us Georgia groks/grokettes here on the forum. Keep up the good work!

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