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    I have developed a pattern of consuming very little food during day on Friday's in anticipation of eating a variety of food on Friday night. After a long work week that keeps my head in a daze, I look forward to just spacing out and relaxing while eating a salad w/ veggies, some kind of poultry, winter squash with some roasted almonds mixed in, some fruit with almond milk and nuts, etc.

    Anyone else have some kind of routine like this? So many foods to eat, and I let Friday be my "hold nothing back" day. I usually follow up with an IF the next day. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Sounds like a good plan.

    I myself am guilty of eating roughly the same types of meals and same amounts at the same times daily. There is variation but it still look like I'm going off of some cookie-cutter nutritionist's "healthy meal plan" (except a paleo one) or some shit. I should do some IF or something.

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    I do this some weekends. Usually primal foods, but higher carb. We have a family ritual of sunday brunch, so almond flour crepes stuffed with berries and whipped cream, or coconut flour banana bread french toast are treats. We also love to entertain some evenings I will indulge in a small amount of potatoes, and a grain free low sugar dessert.

    I do try to follow up with an IF, and enjoy. I'm not going to beat myself up for beautiful delicious happy making food.

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    often on the weekends I'll make primal waffles (recipe on my blog) or pancakes (same batter, just in a pan instead of waffle iron) for breakfast, with some homemade sausage or bacon...

    lately we've been doing hash browns (fried in bacon grease - yum) and eggs and bacon.

    love weekend breakfasts with my sweet husband.

    i don't worry about the extra carbs or whatever from the potatoes if we do hash browns. there are worse things in life.

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    My GFs and I have a tradition of 'Ladies Night' on Thursday (It's the new Friday) evening. I ususally make a big Primal Curry, or soup, or roasted chicken.

    Someone always brings other dishes... we have wine and talk girl-talk.

    I look forward to this all week :-D

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