I'm back. Day 1. Why did I leave/ jump off the wagon in the first place? Oh I know, b/c I love sourdough bread and beer. Delicious BEER.
Well- it's caught up to me. And now, we are trying to conceive and my body is out of whack. Irregular cycles, feeling like crap, tired all the time... you know the deal.

I contemplated weight watchers - again. But to think about eating low calorie and being hungry and deprived all the time I just can't do it. I can't. Nor should I.

So, here I am day 1 and ready to change. And it's not even Monday.

My plan:
To take things one day at a time.
I'm starting with exercise.

This weekend when the last of the sourdough bread is gone and the wraps- I'll be grain-free. I'm ready.